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Health Management System

Our Business helping your business to Understand the HEALTH of your business. We see health and safety as two separate disciplines and if we are to work toward the national goal of healthy New Zealanders not being affected by their work environment we need to take a different approach to health management in business.

Injury & Illness Abscence

The vast majority of people want to do their best at work. However from time to time health issues can prevent this.

Our role is to work with you and your employees to seek creative and positive solutions that will allow them to do their jobs safely and effectively.

Pre-Employment/Fitness to work

It can be vital to assess prospective employee’s fitness for a proposed job role.

Many of our clients need to make sure that they are working legally and that their employees are safe in their jobs.

Health and Wellbeing

The evidence that a healthy lifestyle can prevent illness and greatly increase both mental and physical wellbeing is overwhelming.

Our wellbeing team are here to provide companies and its employees with holistic, joined up programmes.

Mental Health and Resilience

Preventative Mental Health (Resilience)training and support is also amongst the suite of training that we offer your business.

Resilience is recognising that stress is a normal part of our lives, it is how we deal with it that is important.


In any organisation or business environment, change is fast and inevitable.

At Workplace Health Consultancy Plus we offer a range of Workplace training courses which suit your business